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viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Isà isn’t
He is an excellent student, isn’t he?
He isn’t a excellent student, is she?
Areà aren’t
They are good dancers, aren’t they?
They aren’t  good dancers, are they?  
Wasà wasn’t
I was telling you about my sister, wasn’t it?
Charlotte wasn’t in a very good mood earlier on, was she?
Wereà weren’t
They were in a excellent perform, weren’t they?
We weren’t in a good concert, were we?
Simple present 3rd personà don’t
We go to the cinema, don’t we?
Canà can’t
My phone can send picture messages, can’t it?
We can’t go swimming if the pool’s shut, can we?
Simple presentà doesn’t
She go to dance, doesn’t she?
Verb in pastà didn’t
Yesterday, you ate rice, didn’t you?
Willà won’t
Gabriella won’t let me use her hairdryer, will she?
The others will be here in a minute, won’t they?
Couldà couldn’t
I couldn’t take you out for dinner tomorrow night, could I?
We couldn’t afford a new car, could we?
Shouldà shouldnt’
Mandy shouldn’t wear that much make-up, should she?
We should all meet up more often, shouldn’t we?
Wouldà wouldn't
Christopher wouldn’t want you to be upset, would he?
You’d be annoyed if I talked all the way through coronation street, wouldn’t you?

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